Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 23, 2010

I always say I want to write a blog but always forget to post and nobody ever reads it… but this one is different?

Okay, so this is awesome. I titled the blog this because, really, I am thermally challenged. My hands are purple, 97.54% of the time (Don’t I sound so professional now that I’m using random numbers for my statistics? That’s right, don’t mess with me.) because my blood pressure is so low that the blood pools and doesn’t keep the circulation going. I went to the doctor about this and the fact that I black out, regularly. She says to eat salt and drink water. I think I need a salt lick. At the moment my hands are a grey/blue/purple blotchy mess that you would probably think belong to a dead person if I weren’t typing at the moment. I had a suggestion of titling the blog “purple hands” but I figured that could be made into something nasty so Thermal Failure it was. My toes are about to fall off too, I’m only wearing one pair of socks.

So in honor of the Senior Profiles being finished, LS (her initials, duh.) and I are going to try on prom dresses just for the heck of it. Because we’re awesome like that. Then we’ll probably play Raquetball (I’ve never done this before) because we need the flippin’ exercise and we might miss the new adventures with Smocke and all those other “LOST” people but that’s okay because I’ll just wait until tomorrow when it’s online. Will probably post pictures of me and LS tonight, or tomorrow, or when I get around to uploading and editing the pictures because I’m so on top of my life like that. I need chicken nuggets


My madre just sent me this picture. It’s like animal cruelty and awesome all rolled into one, tiny pond. I want to live in that house… Do you think it smells?



P.S. –  These shoes are the bomb. I am trying to justify the purchase. I’ve had my other Pumas since summer 2007… it’s time for some new ones right? Esp. because I’ve worn all my other sneaker-like shoes out. Also these ones. I’m virtually certain that with these shoes I would be irresistible or unstoppable… or Kim Possible. Pick one. ;) Maybe I’ll wear one on each foot.


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