Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 23, 2010


I have enough money to buy them… The holy grail of shoes and happiness.

Aren’t they gorgeous? Yes, they are. Don’t argue because then I’ll never let you see them in person… that is, in a picture or something unless you’re really awesome and I actually *want* to see you in person. I think maybe I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow… or after my nap.

Also, in a few short painfully butt-long months my contract will be up with t-mobile again and it’ll be time for a new phone… which one should I get? (I’m not switching carriers btw…) I need one, the battery on this one is painfully awful and I’ve had to have it replaced 3 times. No joke. This is why I will never get a motorola phone again. They’re awful. At the moment I have this cute phone…

It’s freaking adorable. And pink. But it breaks a lot and takes a year and a half to wake up so I can actually do anything on it. It’s so not cool. I vote maybe one of those google phones. Also, when google takes over. I will then have contributed. I welcome the new google world. Don’t you?

My hands are officially corpse hands. *shudders* My life is rough. I’m going to get nuggets now before it’s time to pick up LS for some awesomeness.




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