Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 24, 2010

Bombin’ good time.

Here are 22 lovely pictures that document the awesomeness of the unwind trip LS and I took… hehehe

We’re like cascades of gold. Sweet.

This picture proves that I could take you out in about 2 seconds flat. Because yeah, my foot can reach your head.

This is where I thought I’d change text color…

HAHAHA! That’s my corpse hand up there ;)

Here we switch locations. I have no clue why this is underlined…

So  basically. We’re awesome. And I have two new words… Bombin’ and Rockin’. I’m generous like that. Also, we put salt in Q-Tip’s water, read my inspiration (Disclaimer: click on this link only if you are NOT easily offended) here and looked at the pictures from the dance I went to with JBS. (Maybe I’ll stick those up here too… I’ll have to ask him if that’s okay tho.) Woah, yeah, that one’s a boy. So is Q-tip… I don’t really like him (Q-tip I mean, not JBS) though. I guess there’s the difference between the two.

On another note… Madre, LS and I decided I don’t look like an Allison (AHH! I said my name!) so I need help picking a new one. If anyone ever gets around to reading this maybe I’ll post a poll… But for right now suggestions can be left in comments. We think Margaret (Meg) or Katherine (Kate)… they thought Beth… Which actually could be worse. I like Meg. Hahahaha I’m having at mid-life crisis at 17. That’s because I’m Bombin’. (that’s a good word, by the way. Just nod and say okay.)

I’m really tired. I have class at 8… Should sleep now. Actually I’ll go make Padre’s lunch first and put a few pairs of socks on.




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