Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 28, 2010

Updated: Couldn’t J.R.R. Tolkien come up with some better names and lines? Honestly.

Seriously, Mount Doom?? The Lonely Mountain? Maybe he just sucked at mountain naming? But also, one of the first things Arwen says in elvish sounds exactly like Frodo but the translation has nothing to do with his name. Maybe that’s the movie people’s issue? I dunno, also, when gandalf is being beaten up by that other guy and he escapes on that bird, the other guy says “So, you have chosen death.” Couldn’t he say like, “You’ve chosen termination” or something more descriptive like “You’ve chosen end by having your guts eaten by orcs!” Something like that. I also think “Middle Earth” is a wimpy name but I don’t have any other suggestions for him because it’s pretty iconic (don’t know how that happened when the names were so horrific) and you can’t change an icon. Unless you’re Young the Giant (RIP The Jakes) then you can change it and I will cry. And stab someone. But, here’s a rockin’ picture of Orlando Bloom with long hair and pointy ears.

He has pretty righteous aim with that bow. Just sayin’.

Plus, the music in the background of the scene where they’re all inthe underground and they come to the gap in the stairs that they all have to jump is pretty awesome too. It’s like “Shark bait ooh-ha-ha.”  Way magnificent.

My madre and I went to the mall today… There were three pretty awesome dresses AND a skirt there that totally worked. Too bad I’m poor. There was also a shirt thing at AE. I’m totally adding that to my basket to go toward shipping. It’s magnificent. I really like that word. Here’s a picture:

Here’s a close up of the sequins. They’re the BEST.

Yeah. Now you understand.

Then we went to Aeropostale and it allowed me to be a giant nerd and do something I’m slightly embarrassed by. Smells are like my favorite things in the world and yeah A87 smells really good, better on a person tho. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you read into those last two sentences. Only about 2 people will get it though. Hahaha! I’m a genius… Shh! Also, I stuck the sample card I sprayed in the space between my iPod case and the iPod and now I can smell it through the plastic… heheheh

We also looked for other – – things and decided that I don’t look very good in skin tight skinny jeans/cords and that the ladies in VS are extremely annoying. I have already been fitted for a bra losers! I didn’t grow at all since then and I *certainly* didn’t change my mind about the matter in the last 74 seconds! Also, when we said we were looking for *navy* underwear we meant it, we didn’t need a five minute long explanation of where all the underwear is and what sales apply to which. That doesn’t help me at all. I wanted to stab her. Then there was a boy working in bath and body works that we decided got a job there so he could meet girls. He definitely wasn’t gay. It was a magnificent trip.




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