Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | March 3, 2010

Updated: Rollerskating is not the world’s favorite sport (is it even a sport? I’ll have to research that… hmmmmmmm.)

My ankles are bruised… At least I can feel them, I haven’t actually looked though because when I was putting my socks on this morning I wasn’t thinking about looking for my bruises. I didn’t fall but KRB did… twice! hehe We both hadn’t skated for years and the first things we ever skated on were these beauties:

Remember those? Those are killer awesome. I guess that’s why it was a necessity for us to pay the extra $2 for blades because if we hadn’t, we would have died and KRB would have died more than she did anyway… Haha! For the record, IHB is a beast at skating, I don’t even know how she got that good… she’s just awesome and professional and I am…. not. :P She’s the only one who got the skating genes. TDR is pretty awesome at it too, I was proud of him. Glad I’m related to such an awesome kid… ;)

Overall it was basically the best mutual activity I’ve been to in forever and KRB and I discovered something that we have to try ASAP… It’s called The Chocolate, it’s a dessert cafe right in front of the Classic Skating in Orem. We seriously considered not skating and sneaking over there but we decided that maybe we’d go a different day… AWESOME!

The Bloggess lost some award thing she was going for and decided she’d make a bunch of different, random awards and award them to whoever wants them… I decided since they’re so hilarious, I’d post the good ones on here… ;) We all need a good laugh now and then and I’m really not that funny today:

So, basically unless you’re Voldemort or something, I suggest you be extremely excited and hold a party for yourself because these are tremendous accomplishments. My party will include chicken nuggets and loads of salt. ;)

On a completely unrelated but still awesome note, my school is having a t-shirt design contest for the Senior All Nighter and I’m soooooooo excited. WOO! Here’s what the poster says:

Contest: Create a design for the senior all nighter t-shirt! But if you can’t draw very well then you can submit a design concept instead. Not like that’s an issue because I’m cooler than concepts… psh!

Theme: Night of Mystery

Prize: Free admission to the senior all night party

Due: Tuesday March 23rd at 4:00. Submit to Mrs. JD.

Here’s what I’ve got so far…

I’m still coming up with things..


AR, CR, whatever…

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