Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | March 9, 2010


So I was looking at this site because it’s like one big pot of awesome packaging design in one glorious place. Then, I got to clicking on the links to some of the design firms that did some awesome work… Sandstrom Partners does Coca Cola stuff and a *whole* lot more. I would *so* love to work for them. Then, Duffy & Partners does stuff for American Eagle which would also be pretty stinking amazing. The last one I found was Hello Design which just does really awesome/cool stuff. Problem is, to do an internship or a job at any of these firms, I’d have to move. Plus I’m also figuring out that a lot of them tend to like it if you have a degree in design… Maybe I should work on researching that some more…

I was just looking at the BYU freshman mentoring stuff because they added new classes and I wanted to look into them… I decided against it though, cultural history of medicinal plants sounds awesome but it would probably end up being way too much science like my Cultural Astronomy class and I’d probably hate it. Although, there is that tendency with Psychology but there would be less math involved. I really despise this whole program. Then I was looking at fall classes… I didn’t see anything on the page for registering for fall about information for people in my situation who don’t need American Heritage or First Year College writing. Considering I took those already. I’m going to have to call them again… Maybe I should wait until we can actually register for fall… Hmm. I’m not a freshman.

These were also on the first site I linked to. They’re freaking adorable. I love them. I’m also enjoying the death-like opera music playing on the 4th floor of the library right now. It’s kind of awesome. Now they’re playing a song from Cats, the musical. What? Seriously people… Last week it was opera and the beatles… I’m so lost.

Here’s the color of the day:


Me, myself and I – We’re having a party here :)


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