Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | March 10, 2010

Lost commentary: live!

Last week’s episode was, okay but still entirely confusing. Since there are only 10ish episodes left, shouldn’t we get some answers yet? Seriously people, these next few episodes better be informative!

Okay so they (the people with ben) are out of the temple… Now ben teaches history??? His kids don’t pay attention.
He’s also supervising detention. Budget cuts hurt everyone, even in tv shows. Taking care of children isn’t a priority in any public school, awesome.

Miles is figuring out how Jacob died because ben is a liar… He likes to do that a lot. I mean ben, by the way. And the weird lady running the rescue thing was like jacob’s daughter? What? Holy hannah. And why the heck do we have barbie and Disney and new moon commercials??? Is that really the demographic?
Now they’re back on the beach. Duh ben, fires and stabbing fix everything. Obviously. Yay! It’s uncle RICO!!!!!!! But he’s old… They’re pretty good with makeup. Alex goes to his school?? Weird. That’s slightly awkward/creepy. The weird lady just told sun that she an Jin are candidates to replace Jacob… Who would want to do that?

It’s okay hurley, I love cheese curds too. That’s all I think about ;) yay! It’s Richard! Um, does anyone else wonder why hurley hasn’t lost ANY weight?

The island gets EVERYONE.
This lady has gone crazy… Let’s just kill ben again… AND make him dig his own grave!!! Awesome, we’re so civilized.

I want more spaghetti. And I do not want to see that new movie simply because mikey is in it. She doesn’t fit… Period. FINALLY! Shmenna is home! She left me for so long!

Let’s study super early in the library… I’m a creepy teacher. The principal is a perv. Awesome. Now I can be the principal! That’s totally gross. I’m still creepy. That was me as ben, btw.

Jacob is always right, miles!
Richard is eternally beautiful. It’s hard to explain. Apparently according to Richard, Jacob isn’t always right and he (Richard) needs to die? That’s depressing. Then we can’t look at him! Ugh. I’m going to have to look at someone else.. Darn. ;)

Fail! That’s not fun. It’s ridiculously hard to tell the difference between a genus and a species. Hacking into email is old hat, sheesh. Principals are pervs, always. Ben is a stabber. Awesome. Now Richard is going to… Do something? He can’t kill himself. He wants them to kill him. HOLY CRAP!!! WHEN JACOB TOUCHES YOU, YOU CAN’T DIE!!! Didn’t he touch other people too? Weird. Okay, jack is right. He can’t die.

Now I’m going to focus… Hehehe

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