Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | March 13, 2010

Spring means kamikaze birds and earthquake chips and new hair :)

Today I was driving home from school and I knew spring was at least trying to be here because my car almost got dive bombed by two little birds. They come back when the weather is better, that’s how you know to be very, very afraid.

Then, I got a text from my mom telling me that my box of EARTHQUAKE CHIPS was *at my actual house!* (As opposed to my not actual, rather fake house. Look!

You’re jealous, I know it. I’ve got 8 of those bags and I’ve eaten one already (They’re like full size bags, not the little ones…) hehehe I’m starting my own food storage… In my trunk. Shh. If we’re ever in a natural disaster or the world ends or whatever, we can live in my car and be just fine because we have SoBe life water, smiley face fruit snacks, my earthquake chips, a couple things of yoohoo, mint truffle kisses and wintergreen lifesaver mints. Also, febreeze and sunscreen and and my new air freshener and those crappy speakers I stole from Colten before he went on his mission that I use to listen to my iPod because my stereo sucks and I can’t plug my iPod into that. Branen, if you read this, don’t judge me. ;)

This morning, I got my hair done! It was needed. My roots were ridiculous and hideous and lots of other words that I could come up with if I used my handy dandy thesaurus but I’m way too lazy. Wanna see? Okay, I know you do. Well, too bad because I look like crap right now and you can’t really tell that there’s much difference… I’ll take one in the morning when I’m more decent. :)

Watch out for those kamikaze birds now… More tomorrow!




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