Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | March 27, 2010

Oh boy… Lessons and a funeral invitation

Okay, so my 9-year old brother just came home from his primary activity. When I asked him what he learned, he said, “That Jesus can do anything! He knows where to go, he knows where to find the fish, he knows everything.”

At the risk of being struck by lightening, I will comment that what he learned sounds a little bit like something to do with Chuck Norris and that’s probably not what his leaders were aiming for… Maybe I should stay inside today.

Also, Owen’s friend ET came over this morning with a card that didn’t match the envelope that it was in, but that’s okay because what was inside the card was the best.

If I weren’t going to the Holi Festival, I would so be there… Good thing my brothers are going. By the way, Juares was one of ET’s pet *rats* Oh wow.

Love – me (except emotionally, I’m broken)

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