Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | March 29, 2010

These are the questions that press heavily on my mind…

Why is fry sauce so good?

Why doesn’t everyone have wi-fi?

Why don’t I just get a 3G phone?

Why is that service so expensive?

Why is life so expensive?

Why is everything at Burberry like a million $?

Why is beginning piano so annoying?

When will I ever get to go back to disneyland?

Will my lifelong dream of going to an *actual* Lush store EVER be realized?

Why do I have to start BYU the *week* of Girl’s Camp so I can’t be an adult leader, finally?

Why are new shoes so therapeutic?

Why does my girl cologne smell so good?

Why do I love the color Grey?

Why does anyone ever spell it with an “a”???

Why does my little brother insist on wearing shirts with holes in them for days on end?

Why am I so awful at cooking hashbrowns?

Why is Chubby Hubby the most addiction Ben and Jerry’s on the planet?

Why do I like it even if I don’t really like peanut butter?

Why do I crave things so much?

Why is a puma my favorite animal?

If the krishna people weren’t so into love, they totally could have killed most of Utah County on Saturday.

Why wasn’t that a question?

I wonder how many drugs I inhaled during that Holi festival at the Krishna temple?

Why is there still pink in my hair?

Why does my face still have a pink glow?

Why on earth did the black guys have to hit me with so much PINK???

Why am I ravenously hungry?

Will I ever get married?

Who will it be?

If he’s on the shorter end of the scale, will my mom disown me for diluting the gene pool?

Do you think I could get away with wearing ties?

Why do I like ties so much?

Why was my dedication to the yearbook so long?

Why does my polyester graduation tent make me look like I went to fat camp?

Why do I love salt so much?

No, seriously, why is life so expensive?


Why am I still so ravenously hungry?

Why am I so tired?

Why can I never say no?

Why did this one hit me so hard?

Why is one of my toenails so much smaller than the other?

Why have I never had a dog?

Why is my cat so fat?

Why am I still coming up with questions?

Don’t worry, I’ll probably have some more later… Watch for an updated post.




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