Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | April 1, 2010

I ride elevators so I won’t be scared of them anymore.

About three years ago, krb’s mom was going to have a baby… So, for some reason, my mom and I were there when he was born. That’s awb by the way. So he was born and the nurses took him down to the nursery for all of his shots and whatnot (don’t even get me started on hospitals.) and krb and I decided to go down and see him. So, we got in the elevator and then opb and ihb decided to come so we stopped the door from closing and let them in. Then the door didn’t close for a full 30 seconds, which was weird so we pressed the button to make the doors close. They closed and we went about 3 feet down then the box started shaking and the doors came open about 4 inches… Can you say terrifying? Also, because we were right outside the mother baby ward the doors into the ward from the foyer where the elevators opened were locked and sealed and you had to get on the telephone thing and tell them who you were visiting so they could unlock it for you from the inside. So we were in there for about 15 minutes yelling and praying. Krb decided it was a good idea not to push the help button. I think she was worried about it setting off alarms throughout the hospital or something… Which probably would have gotten us out of there much faster in retrospect and now I know that when she’s trapped in an elevator that may or may not fall, she doesn’t want to disturb people and get out. We just don’t listen to her about things like that anymore. So finally someone came up in the other elevator and called security and they called the fire department but figured out how to reset the elevator before they got there so we didn’t even get to be rescued by firemen. How lame.

But ever since then, elevators terrify me but I use them anyway so that I can prove to myself  that I’m not actually going to die in one. Wouldn’t it be ironic if I did? Actually, how about we don’t think things like that. I think that’s a good plan.



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