Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | April 12, 2010

Target, you disappoint me.

I went to go and look for a dress at Target the other night. No joke, I had 13 articles of clothing that I was going to try on. Guys, I can’t even count that on my fingers! So, went to try them on and every single one was either too short, didn’t fit right or just looked plain hideous on. Maybe it’s because I was lookin’ like poo that day, I don’t know. But it was awful, terrible, all-the-oxygen-just-got-sucked-out-of-the-universe bad. So then I went to the mall and found this ridiculously cute blue dress at urban wear that I’d already tried on like 3 times but was too dressy for the occasion I needed it for so I didn’t get it… Then we went to down east and they have like 50 million awesome things and I decided that my green dress I got from there a couple weeks ago wasn’t going to work because it was even *dressier* than the blue one so I tried on (again) this blue pencil skirt thing and lo and behold we have a winner! Then I got a lavender shirt to go with it and the world was good! I don’t quite know what shoes to wear though… hmmmmm… I’ll have to pull them all out.

Also, I’m still disappointed in target. It’s never failed me on such a massive scale like that before. What is the world coming to?

I’ll write more later, maybe… okay, probably.




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