Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | May 4, 2010

Idaho was… Or, more specifically, Rexburg was…

– man eating bubble baths

– red shoes

– Sir Blake

– His lovely sister Channing

– new friends

– jello shots

– brownies ;)

– mafia

– very dark tours of Rexburg

– sheep :)

– mexican food

– cupcakes

– the food network

– thai peanut noodles

– mangoes

– monstrous spider zoo ads

– burning bras haha

– moroni

– wind, wind and more wind

it was a great weekend!




  1. Idaho is now….

    – short several pairs of awesome red shoes

    – surprisingly less windy

    – the state with one of the best spider ads ever made

    – going to need a sign that says “The Birthplace of SHEEP”

    – sad that allison isn’t here.

  2. American Fork is…

    – oddly very warm

    – consistently mispronounced

    – hoping Rexburg will come to visit for a while (the wind can just stay away though…) ;)

  3. Holy-hideous picture of me set as my gravatar. Just noticed.

  4. It’s weird, the picture I see on here (before you changed it to the greenish aqua one…) is different than the one I saw on the page that I moderate comments with… I didn’t really think that either of them were very hideous though… Haha, I had to laugh at your comment… I like the alliteration :)

    • Haha. I don’t know where this aqua one came from either. I think its a different account. This one links to my website, the other to my blog. :-S Who knows.

      • Well that’s weird… It’s a conspiracy, I just know it… They’re trying to confuse us and well, they have succeeded. Blast!

      • Also, what’s the difference between an avatar and a gravatar? I think I’m just illiterate when it comes to such terms…

  5. I think Gravatar is just the name of the service WordPress uses for its avatars. A type of 3rd party client, I think. Though I am no expert.

    • Oh! Random… I guess they like being different? Haha

  6. Oh fancy that! Mine is fixed. :)

    • I like this one :)

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