Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | May 7, 2010

The tape player of death and destruction

So, we have this tape player… It used to be in my mama’s car but we switched it over to mine for Idaho: The first trip.

The tape player hates us.

We have a tape adapter so we can plug our iPods into the radio. It would work if the stereo would take the tape.

It will take it… Sometimes. When it feels like it.

It did this on our trip to MI last year too… We were in the middle of Iowa. We stopped at a rest stop. We were listening to Black and Gold (Sam Marcussen, I think…) We turned off the car, the tape came out. It wouldn’t go back in. For. The. Entire. Trip.

This trip, it didn’t hate us that badly. We were halfway to Idaho. It quit. I was prepared. I plugged the iPod into the speakers that I stole from Colten and we were not without music. The sound quality was absolute crap and you couldn’t turn it up very loud at all, but we still had music. The second day we were in Idaho, we tried to put the tape in again… By some miracle, it took it. Then it quit some of the way back to UT. I think it was because of Malad.

This tape player gives me anxiety. My heart starts pounding. My teeth clench. My fists curl. Anger erupts from my soul.

It’s still in my car. Halfway home from Walmart yesterday (I was getting fruit for Owen’s soccer game…) it quit on me again. I almost smashed it. The pain of being deprived of good sound and music is almost too much for my poor sanity to bear. If I rip my stereo out and start smashing it on the ground like a crazy person, you know I’ve lost it. At this point you should probably just help me find a new one. Actually, maybe that should happen before I go insane.

Sigh. At least it worked this morning. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.




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