Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | May 9, 2010

Reasons that I love my mama

1. She’s my best friend

2. She listens to everything… Even the random and emo stuff  (I’m talking about music here.  She’s genius at finding good music!)

3. She laughs at my blog

4. She taught me to love books

5. She taught me to love design

6. Because I’m going to copy her, I’ll be the best mother EV.ER.

7. Even when she’s mad at me, I know she loves me

8. She taught me to take responsibility for my actions

9. She always believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself

10. What other mother would seriously go on a trip to Idaho (or anywhere else, for that matter) for no good reason?

11. Because she comes up with the most amazing ideas. Seriously, I’m only cool because of her.

12. She teaches me how to be a good friend.

13. She teaches me what being a good wife looks like.

14. She is the strongest woman I have ever met

15. Everything I know about the gospel, I learned from her. Our devotionals are amazing!

16. She’s got great taste in shoes.

17. I’ve never seen anyone sacrifice as much for her family as my mother has. She’s an incredible example of Christlike love.

18. I can (and do) tell her everything. She’s the best confidante I could ask for and she gives the best advice.

19. No matter what, I know she always wants me to be happy. I know I don’t always see how it will make me happy but she’s always right. Always.

20. She has the most beautiful hands, I’m so lucky to have them. :)

21. She’s the best cook I know… I learned it all from her.

22. She’s so sweet to my Daddy. I’ve always had the perfect example of a happy married couple in them.

23. I have never met a more intelligent woman

24. She’s always forgiven me, no matter what

25. She was calm when I was learning to drive… Who does that?

26. Everything that I am, I am because of my mother.

27. Everything that I will become, I will become because of her.

28. My life would literally fall apart if I didn’t have her. She is my rock.

Go listen to “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift. I cry every. single. time. So does she… Haha

I love you mama, happy mother’s day. You’re the best. :’)


your baby girl

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