Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | May 16, 2010

Sunday was a mixture of things I was not really prepared for…

I went to the single’s ward. It was treated the way you would expect a meat market to go. It was awful. They said that wasn’t the point. Their goal isn’t to get us married, the goal is to bring us to Christ. I believe that, despite their declarations to the contrary, they will try to accomplish this by marrying us off. Not that marriage is bad. In fact, it’s quite good… But when faced with the prospects of my new ward, I’m not at all hopeful. They’re awkward, smelly, often arrogant male specimen who can’t hold a decent conversation, haven’t been on a mission yet or are just plain rude. Or they’re hideously unappealing. They treat you like a piece of meat that they want to grill and eat with steak sauce. It’s not attractive. I should also mention that you’re judged by the female population as well. Are you competition? Should they hate and ostracize you or would being your friend be more to their advantage? Some have chosen sides and some are still figuring out what to do. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn red shoes…

much love,




  1. That’s harsh!

    Loved the red shoes. We should hang out sometime. :)

  2. Arg! That is so disgusting! LOL Your singles ward sounds a lot like the cliche description of a high school. Ew.

  3. High school gives you a low by which to judge the rest of your life… Incidentally, so does my single’s ward. Hahahaha

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