Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | May 31, 2010

people you meet in paradise…

We have giant decorated cookies at my place of employment. You have to order them at least two hours in advance… There was this guy that called in and ordered a cookie… When he came to pick it up, there was nothing really special about him. The next week the same guy called in again. He had very specific instructions. It had to have pink and purple icing. He said, “It’ll take two hours right? That’s how long it took last time…” This time when he came to pick it up, he ordered a sandwich too. When I took the sandwich to him while he sat in his corner booth in the back of the restaurant near the door, he had the container the cookie was in open and a fork in his hand. The “HA” in the Happy Birthday were eaten neatly away. He looked at me sideways. I ran away.

About a month later, we got another call with very specific instructions. “Congratulations Sam” in blue and white. My manager took the order… It was a guy who had gotten one of these beasts before. He had made sure it would only take two hours, that’s how long it took before. I guess he figured if he waited long enough, the girl that had caught him eating the cookie wouldn’t be there. I knew it was him. I told my manager… We laughed. When he came in to pick up his cookie, I looked him straight in the eye and asked him if it was what he wanted. He looked away and said yes. Once he paid he walked straight over to the silverware and picked up a to-go fork and walked out the door. “Thanks for coming in!” I said brightly. We haven’t seen him since.

Come back to us cookie guy! In two hours we’ll have a delicious cookie ready for you. We’ll smother the whole face of it in frosting so you’ll never get a bite without it. Try a new flavor. We’d be happy to make it for you. I’m not judging you. I’d do it too. :)


  1. Hehe, that’s totally something I would do. Then I would go home and blog about the girl who judged me. ;)

  2. Thats awesome! :) Its kinda like me and my daily Diet Coke. I’m like friends with everyone at the gas station though.

  3. hahaha Oh the people that come into Paradise… Love it!

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