Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | June 17, 2010

Smelling like a man…?

I bought myself some of this deodorant…

Here’s the description… “No man is an island, but for anyone man enough to brave the open ocean, Old Spice Cyprus can help you smell like an island. So if you wish to smell of ocean breeze and fresh lime, aim your compass towards the light, new scent of Cyprus, and drown yourself in the tropical surf of freshness.”

I’m not a man… so am I an island? Anyway, I’ve got too much estrogen in me to actually *smell* like a boy would but I still smell way delicious. Also because I use this soap…

Here’s my question… If I use boy stuff, do I still smell good to boys? I don’t want to smell good to girls… Yuck.

Why doesn’t girl stuff smell this good? Eh? I guess until it does, I’ll keep smelling like a man. Hehe What do you think?


  1. No worries love. I use axe deodorant myself. The chocolate scent. You know, the one with the commercial that isn’t nasty and piggish. That one. Honestly Allison, if you like the smell, my philosophy is that it’s better to smell it on yourself than on some random dude or a dude that isn’t random but is lame anyway. :) luv!

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