Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | July 7, 2010

what I saw on the way to submit art show stuff yesterday…

Also, apparently the insides of my knees like to get hurt a lot. Normally I don’t know why… This time it was the water weenie.

My mama found this quote somewhere and she sent it to me because it’s pretty awesome…

“Before I met you, my heart was a crap taco.”

So, there, my beautiful/handsome/absolutely wonderful readers… Before you read my blog, it was a crap taco. Also, those of you that I’ve met and that I love (or yell at sometimes ;))  my life/heart/blogging material was a crap taco before you. Also, before my mama, my life was sort of a breakfast burrito what with the egg and everything… Hahahahaha! I know, I’m getting it back. :)





  1. I love the lawn mower ingenuity.

    We don’t give white-trash the credit they/we deserve.

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