Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | July 12, 2010

The stairs of my death and ruining.

I park at a lot, down by the smith fieldhouse at BYU. When I looked at the map, it was the closest to my building and the building in which I work.

The map lied.

First you see this:

Then you get past those first trees and you see this:

Then you make it to the stairs and you take an artistic picture showing the almost impossibility of climbing 101 stairs every time you have class while carrying a 50 lb back pack in the sweltering heat and you’re already five minutes late for class and if someone decides to attack you halfway up you wouldn’t be able to defend yourself because your energy levels from the super mario fruit snack you just ate were depleted in the first 25 steps.

No worries y’all, I’m the walking dead already.



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