Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | July 19, 2010


My dreams are odd and often incredibly accurate… Okay, only sometimes. Now, I know this’ll sound like a Deja Vu but it’s not. I specifically remember having this dream. This morning when I was working my first day at my new job I know I had dreamt part of it. Weird. It was before I had even gotten the job or seen the room.

Too bad my boy dreams don’t typically come true.

Luckily, neither do the bad ones. Like once, I had this dream that I was on a date in a sewing store and I accidentally fell into this table that was loaded with pins and needles. Some of them broke off and got stuck in my legs and I couldn’t feel them until, every minute or so, a red bump would appear on my legs and I’d have to push on it and the needle would come out a little and I’d have to pull it out and I’d have this mass of gunk come out… Then the wound would close up and be like it was never there… Then it would happen again a couple minutes later. I had another one where I was getting sucked down in the drains in the changing rooms at the pool and then a penguin was trying to drown me in the actual pool that was much deeper than it should have been.

What do these dreams mean? Why do I have so many weird ones?


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