Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | July 22, 2010

Snakes make me swear

So, at 2 am last night/this morning my iPod died. I couldn’t sleep and I was reading a book and talking to blake (Now I can’t get that Cher song out of my head, blake… Shuffle! Shuffle!!!!!!!!!!) it was essential that my iPod get charged, PRONTO.

Already slightly on edge because of the disappointment of getting to a really good part of my book and having Henry VIII *die* on me and having to jam something between the door and the door frame so it stops rattling and being next to the window and not being able to fall asleep because I ended up next to the window again and it’s not entirely pitch black…. I traipsed outside to get the cord that is conveniently (not) plugged into the converter in our swagger wagon.

So, I walked out the front door, stepped off the porch and something slithers past my legs toward the car. I screamed, and then realized that probably wasn’t a good plan because there are 50 million people fast asleep in this house and I’m sure my aunts would not be happy if I wake their little children.

There is no way that I was going back out there so I slumped inside, dejected and even more awake than I was before. Adrenaline rushes will do that to you I guess.

*Expletive* Snake. (I edited that just for you, my lovely readers.)



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