Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | August 16, 2010

buzzing days

Ever have one of those days….a buzzing day.  I heard that phrase from someone once….

Today is one of those days.  I have a million thoughts, worries, ideas spinning around in my head.  And everything seems to be off-kilter. A bit askew.  Some things are just full-stop wrong.

I’m always looking for an antidote to those days.

Sleep.  I definitely need more of that right now.  I could use some wonderful dreams too…

Food.  I wrote about that on red shoe girl. I adore food.  Making.  Eating.  Sharing.  All of it.

Design.  Designing something gives me such a rush.  Especially if I can convince someone to work with me on a project.  I so love the feeling of collaborating and creating. Lately I’m especially addicted to the instant gratification of logos.

Kissing.  Well let’s face it. You aren’t thinking about your worries right then, are you?


  1. I could use a logo… and design help in general on a site. The site is :-) Wanna help?

  2. Of course!

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