Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | August 16, 2010


No. I’m not talking about the TV show.

My mother loves road trips. All kinds. All lengths.  All destinations.

We’ve filled up the gas tank, loaded the cooler and printed maps at least a dozen times in just the past 5 months.  There are a few things that have become tradition for these trips.  We always have celery with cream cheese for a snack.  We always bring along multiple cameras.  And we always get lost.  Sometimes it’s just a quick turn around and we’re back on track.  Sometimes it adds hours to the trip.  But we will most definitely be lost at some point.

There was that time we were driving back to UT from MI via I-80. My cousin was driving.  Mom was supposed to be navigating. We were all talking.  We missed an exit.  The next thing we knew came around a curve and there was the Sears Tower (or whatever it’s called now) gleaming in the distance.

Then there was the drive to Rexburg for Miss Channing’s birthday.  Somehow we missed the turn in Idaho Falls and got to see the “opal capital of the world” – Dubois, ID.

Oh…and then we were driving back from CO. I was telling her all the exciting details of my visit there.  Maybe we were distracted by talking or a semi blocked the sign.  I dunno, but we got to see more of southern Utah than we’d ever seen before.

Every time it happens. She’ll realize it.  Laugh.  Get the rest of us laughing.  And say “well I’ve always wanted to see _____ anyway”.

The strangest thing happened on our last trip.  We had the celery.  We had the cameras.  We came home painfully late at night.  In the dark.  Not driving through a well populated area dark.  This was driving through canyons, pitch black, the boogeyman must live here dark.  But we never missed a turn.  We drove straight home.  No problems.  It was strange.  Surreal.  Slightly disconcerting.  I’m sure there’s a metaphor for life in this somewhere.  A deep, meaningful lesson to be learned.  I’m just too tired to puzzle it out….

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