Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | August 18, 2010

Tell us about yourself

It’s that question we all dread in an interview.  I promised the Fritz crew I’d give it some thought and post an answer…

I could eat curry every day for the rest of my life and be happy.

Smiling, being happy come in pretty high on my list.  I would rather laugh than cry.

Sleep = optional.

I often feel like I’m just spinning my wheels, not going anywhere. It’s difficult for me to recognize and acknowledge my own accomplishments.

I am 18 and am a junior at BYU.  I have an associate degree from UVU.

I have been on the cover of a magazine 3 times.  I have had things I designed or wrote published in a magazine or printed on a person, place or thing a dozen or more times.

I would chose a small gathering of close friends over a huge party every time.

The happiest family I ever saw lived in a tiny hut they built themselves of adobe bricks and filled with sincere love and devotion.

I prefer things to be in even numbers.

I will organize a deck of cards for fun.

I have visited 7 countries and 3 continents.  I have been taught to love and respect all cultures and beliefs.

I am extremely easy-going and low-maintenance. I tend to want to avoid confrontation.

I dislike being ignored and insincerity.

If I say it – I mean it.  I will always keep my promises.

I am extremely and doggedly loyal.

I have met just a couple people in my life who I felt very strongly that I understood and could see genius in.

I would like to visit the Czech Republic, see where my ancestors walked, and greet everyone I see with a hearty Czech hello… “ahoy!”

I can’t sing well.  Okay I can’t sing at all.  But that doesn’t stop me from belting out songs in the car – no matter who I’m with.

I talk a lot…especially when I’m nervous.  Hence the plethora of blog posts over the last few days.

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