Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | August 20, 2010

Education Week

It’s the end of education week at BYU.  Which means I have worked a gazillion hours at my job in the Wilkinson Center often in the midst of the masses of attendees.  And while I didn’t attend any workshops or classes, I certainly learned a lot.

I suppose anytime you put large numbers of people into a relatively small space their already existent personalities and foibles become amplified.  I’ve witnessed a range of human behavior from friendly and courteous to mean-spirited and petty.  Often both ends of the spectrum could be observed in a single person.

I guess I’d assumed the notion that people of a virtuous nature were just born that way.  Blessed with some genetic gift basket that predisposed them to goodness just like Mozart was predestined to effortlessly compose operas at a tender age.  Nature and nurture would then conspire to create these perfectly virtuous people.

After spending this week quietly watching.  Witnessing again and again the duplicity of human nature. Smiling and sometimes seething.  I have come to believe that virtue is more about choice.  A choice that we make over and over and over.  And maybe that choice repeated and repeated and repeated will create a routine, a tradition, a habit that will outweigh the desire to be mean or selfish.  Maybe.

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