Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | December 18, 2010

A beach house for Christmas

Because JB and I will be in northern…then southern CA around New Year’s…we thought we were going to miss my family’s annual NYE gingerbread house making extravaganza.  (We’ve made alien huts, houses hit by asteroids, the house that landed on the wicked witch, “sky” scrapers, caves etc.  Nothing you’d ever want to to show your neighbors, but awesomely fun…)

Stellar, fantastic person that she is…my mama surprised us and moved the making o’the houses to tonight.  And since JB is staying here until he leaves for CA, he was able to fully experience the tradition in all it’s sticky, candy-laden glory.

Together, he and I, constructed a split level Jamaican beach-front house complete with palm trees, gravel drive way, hop-scotch for the gummy bears, waves for surfing and an open-air limo that could accommodate 5 sun-bathing gummy bears and their penguin driver.  Epic.

Will post photos….eventually.  I’m too tired now.

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