Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | January 28, 2011

Of all the people in all the world…

a grain of rice for every person on the planet….

Have you seen this art installation online (or in person??)


  1. I saw this back in September 2008, but I guess you know that as these are my pictures from the show. It was so good I went back a 2nd time, as they constantly change the exhibits adding more ‘rice facts’ throughout each day and announcing the latest addition over a tannoy system.

    It made me smile, it made me think, it made me happy and saddened me, I do recall I may even have laughed out loud at some of the clever placing (see

    It’s a very clever concept and thankfully all the rice used is washed and goes back into the food chain.

    If ever you get a chance to see this in person then do make the effort to go along, as the pictures are only a taster, it really is something you need to see for yourself.

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