Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 4, 2011

Plan Plans Planning

I suppose at some point I should start taking this whole wedding planning thing a bit more seriously.  The marriage I take seriously.  The receptions…  Well….

Here’s where I’m at –

Dress – no tulle, frou-frou, beads, sequins…yeah.  It’s just not me.

Veil – No. Seriously, no.  The only thing worse is a garter…

Flowers – Nah. Not really interested.  I am kind of intrigued by the fog in a bubble machine that pumps out vast quantities of bubbles that emit plumes of smoke when popped.

Centerpieces and chair sashes – Ehhhh…you must be joking. It’s just SO not me.

Cake – shrug… I don’t really care.  Would rice krispie treats be okay? And loads of candy…big jars of circus peanuts and lemonheads.

Shoes – YES!!!  I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking for some awesome new red shoes :D

Food – I’m kind of intrigued by this.  I’d be happy with 10 kinds of cheese and mustard.  Not sure anyone else would find that palatable though.  Suggestions?


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