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It’s decided! The centerpieces will be full of…spitballs

We wanted a very modern, sort of clean look for the wedding (and I happen to really dig things that glow).  So we opted for this sort of look for the tables…

Then I saw this while talking to a friend… You have been warned ;)

Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | March 1, 2011


Since we announced our engagement I have been bombarded with questions about Jason.  Fair enough.

I figured I’d put the answers to the most commonly asked questions here so I can just direct people to my blog for info ;)

-almost 24

– Bay Area

– youngest of 4

– 3 semesters from his masters in accounting

– Lousiville KY mission – Spanish

– yes, that was him on Ellen

– at a wedding where he was the pianist

– May 25

Probably the hardest question to answer is what is it that made me decide he was the guy?  It’s a long list…   This is probably the best short answer ;)

Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 18, 2011

Good music

I don’t know what it is about Utah – mormon parents, the funeral potatoes, the mountain air, the jello…?  but oh my heck we have some dang good music here.

Goin’ to see this guy tonight.

Saw these guys last night

Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 14, 2011

Valentine Schmalentine

I guess I’m supposed to be more enthusiastic about Valentine’s now…  I’m really not.

I would, however, be full of happiness and glee if I received this card

Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 11, 2011

red shoe girl turns black

Not my shoes!  My new married name will be Black :)

Funny thing.  Read is a derivative of red.  SO you could actually say Read/red is the new black.  ;)

Here are the red shoes for the big day


Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 7, 2011

Note to self….

Carefully check the words in the background of all your photos…

Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 4, 2011

Plan Plans Planning

I suppose at some point I should start taking this whole wedding planning thing a bit more seriously.  The marriage I take seriously.  The receptions…  Well….

Here’s where I’m at –

Dress – no tulle, frou-frou, beads, sequins…yeah.  It’s just not me.

Veil – No. Seriously, no.  The only thing worse is a garter…

Flowers – Nah. Not really interested.  I am kind of intrigued by the fog in a bubble machine that pumps out vast quantities of bubbles that emit plumes of smoke when popped.

Centerpieces and chair sashes – Ehhhh…you must be joking. It’s just SO not me.

Cake – shrug… I don’t really care.  Would rice krispie treats be okay? And loads of candy…big jars of circus peanuts and lemonheads.

Shoes – YES!!!  I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking for some awesome new red shoes :D

Food – I’m kind of intrigued by this.  I’d be happy with 10 kinds of cheese and mustard.  Not sure anyone else would find that palatable though.  Suggestions?

Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | February 2, 2011

You’re just chicken…

Robert C. Baker is my hero.


Robert C. Baker was the inventor of a myriad of tasty chicken concoctions including my personal obsession – the chicken nugget (don’t judge).  He was even inducted into the poultry hall of fame for his fowl creations. YES, there really is a poultry hall of fame.

Remember that McD’s commercial where the wedding cake was made of nuggets?? hmmmm….now that’s got me thinking about changing my plans for the wedding food!!!   Lots and lots of sauce (hot mustard!!) and nuggets!

Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | January 30, 2011

Sitting on the dock of the bay…

Ok so not really sitting on the “dock”…more like sitting in a theater….in the bay area

Flew to CA to see JB perform his arrangement of Beethoven’s 5th

We made very important wedding plans decisions. Things like deciding that guest books are useless.   ;)

Posted by: The Red Shoe Girl | January 28, 2011

Of all the people in all the world…

a grain of rice for every person on the planet….

Have you seen this art installation online (or in person??)

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